OWL – Nur Casadevall

Hemos realizado el diseño de sonido y mezcla de esta pieza para TENTACIONES EL PAIS.

OWL is the story of four youngsters, each one with their personal fight and story.
At one point they let themselves go, in the form of dancing, and they can be this freedom, fight against their prejudices and “fly”.
They all have something in common: the owl that guide them towards this estate.

Directed by Nur Casadevall
Produced by Malditos Produce
Executive producer Andreu Vidal
Production Manager Angie Quintana
Photo Editorial by Berta Pfirshich
Stylists Almudena López Calafate
Hair & Make Up Rubén Mármol
Edition Dani Fortuny
Color Grading Marc Morató
Sound Design Dani Trujillo
Additional Sound design by Roc Montoriol
Music written and performed by Chris Mears
Music mixed by Eric Dawson Tate
First Camera Assistant Raül Mulas
Second Camera Assistant Pau Tobella
Still Phot Assistant Daniel Molina
Stylists Assistant Cris Latorre
Production Assistant Martí Torrebadell, Domingo Andrés Ramos
Graphic by: Design Querida
Text Writer: Marc Barceló
Voices: Andy Padel, Lukas Kvissberg, Brogan Steers, Megan Clarke
Casting: Marc (traffic models) Sergi (Uno models) Brojan Steers ( Model Talking) Kiki (Viva Models)
Special Thanks to: Metropolitana, Fran Rios, Acariciando el Aire, Sidecars Barcelona, Gareth Hopes, Fade out Label.